Book Sales & Donations

The next booksale for the Friends of the Westwood Public Library will be announced in Fall 2018.  


The Friends of the Library are again accepting donations of books for their next booksale, which will be held in the fall.  If you have books that you would like to donate, you are invited to bring them to the Main Library during regular Library hours.  There is a box just inside the front entrance for donations.  

Guidelines for Book Donations

Criteria For Used Book Donations

We Like:
Paperbacks in good condition (fiction or non-fiction)
Books published in last 5 years
Recent best sellers
Classic titles in excellent condition

We Don't Need (and can't sell at the Book Sale):
Books in poor condition: yellowed, broken bindings, musty smelling...
Reader's Digest condensed books
Dated information (old travel guides, etc)


Helpful Hints:
Call ahead (781-320-1045)
Limit your donation to 1 to 2 boxes at a time
Do not bring us books we must discard

Tax Receipt:
If you would like a receipt, count the items you are donating. We can give a signed, dated receipt for the number of items, but cannot assess the value.

Thank You:
Your useable gift allows the Library to add valuable items to the collection.

The items we cannot use are sold at Friends' book sales (proceeds benefit the Library). Click here for more information on the Friends of the Westwood Library.