New Book of the Week: ‘Girl in Glass’ by Deanna Fei

New Book of the Week: ‘Girl in Glass’ by Deanna Fei Banner Photo

Author Deanna Fei's pregnancy and her daughter's life as it began as a so-called "distressed baby" made headlines last year when the CEO of AOL (the parent company of her husband's employer) used her daughter's health costs as the reason why employee benifits were being slashed company wide Fei's original article is available from Slate here. Fei's newly released book Girl in Glass: How My "Distressed Baby" Defied the Odds, Shamed a CEO, and Taught Me the Essence of Love, Heartbreak, and Miracles documents her family's journey through the premature delivery of their daughter when Fei was only 5 months pregnant and  through the healthcare system and it's costs. To read (or listen to!) an interview with Fei by NPR you can find it here.

More than just a "mommy memoir" this book is worth a read.

Girl in Glass by Deanna Fei