What’s for Dinner: Cooking for Your Family

What’s for Dinner: Cooking for Your Family Banner Photo

We recently moved our Parents' Collection to a new central (and highly browsable) location right between the Ask! Desk and Children's Programming Room. In celebration of giving it the space it deserves, I thought I'd share one some of my favorite books from it -- cookbooks! 

We have some great resources for cooking as a parent -- for picky eaters or just simply tasty recipes to try that realize there is a big chance you are making dinner while eyeing a babymonitor or giving indepth instructions as to the exact location of a missing pair of cleats. 

Here our some of our favorites from our Parents' Collection shelves:



Or some great favorites online: 

We have cookbooks available as (free!) downloadable ebooks from the library through OverDrive here


There are also some great resources for your family cooking online. We particularily love Family to Table Family from PBS' YouTube channel,  BBC's goodfood: Family & Kids page, and Jamie Oliver's Family Food & Kids Recipes pages.