All About Wondrous Wednesdays

A Little Backstory: Six weeks ago we started a new storytime, Wondrous Wednesdays. We had noticed that many families were looking for an all-ages, drop-in storytime and so replaced our Wednesday morning storytime with just that. I wanted to take this new storytime opportunity to put a little "wonder" back into storytime and books for young children, thus the name "Wondrous Wednesdays." I hope that together we can share some great stories and put the magic back into reading. 

What's It All About: Our storytime sessions run in 6-week blocks and each Wednesday during those sessions all families are welcomed to bring their children at 10:30 AM to a storytime filled with books, rhymes and songs. Our next session is Wednesdays, March 2 - April 6. 

Make Storytime FUN: The great thing about storytimes is that it's a time when young children can come together to learn. It's a great opportunity to introduce young children to reading and learning together. The best way to make sure storytime is fun is to participate! You as a caregiver are you child's first teacher and when they see you participate by listening to the stories and by rhyming and singing along with us, they will want to do the same. Since Wondrous Wednesdays is an all age program, librarians work to present books at a few different comprehension levels during storytime to try to make sure at least one book is a really able to appeal to each developmental group (babies, toddlers, and preschoolers) present at storytime. This means that its even more important for caregivers to participate during and all-ages storytime to make sure kids can focus on books they may find to be a stretch for their attention spans. 

Books, Books, Books: I love to share great books during storytime, but we we also love helping storytime goers find books after storytime. It's what we're here for! So please ask us for suggestions for things to take home to continue the greatness of stories at home.