Special Message from Book Page

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in light of the temporary closures of public libraries and bookstores across the country, BookPage must postpone the shipment of our April and May issues. The April issue will ship near the end of the month, and we will also delay the May issue shipment to allow locations time to distribute copies of the April issue to their communities.

While a timely and prompt delivery of each new issue has always been a priority for us, we've decided to postpone rather than cancel these issues to reflect our belief that the authors and titles featured in each issue of BookPage deserve to be discovered and supported, and are relevant to the reader even if the issue date may be a few weeks past.

Everyone at BookPage greatly appreciates the support we receive from public libraries and bookstores across the country, as well as your continued patience and understanding as we navigate what are unchartered waters for all of us. We look forward to standing strong together on the other side of this pandemic as individuals, businesses and communities. 

In the meantime, you and your patrons can access the digital version here and sign up for our e-newsletters here. And remember to stay connected with us through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. 

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Stay safe, stay healthy and happy reading!

Elizabeth Herbert