Filling the Shelves with Winter Snuggle Stories

Filling the Shelves with Winter Snuggle Stories Banner Photo

The weather outside is beginning to turn chilly with gusty winds and white powdery snowflakes falling from the sky, leaving many New Englanders anxious over the upcoming months of their inevitable hibernation indoors.  Like it or not- December is the time of year when we turn to the haven of our homes to give us warmth and shelter against the brunt of blustering storms.  The situation may seem bleak but luckily there are several resources which can keep us happily busy as we pine over the previous summer’s beach days spent relaxing in the sand.  You see, preparation is key to beating the winter blues and that goes DOUBLE for the kiddos who are experiencing the same thing as you.  By making a list of activities which are fun and engaging for the entire family, you will soon notice an uplift in everyone’s mood that may have been dampered by a hectic holiday schedule. While some of us accomplish this by trapesing across blanketed forest paths in skis and snow shoes or perhaps playing a favorite board game that you all enjoy, don’t forget the number #1 go-to which is sure to benefit your time and minds… 




Reading during any time of the year is a wonderful recreation but the books we choose to snuggle up with during the winter hold a special place in our hearts.  One reason is due to the sweet and inspiring themes often depicted in several of these stories which reflect holiday joy as well as the coziness of the season.  Authors such as Jann Brett, Ezra Keats and Joyce Sidman truly capture the essence of a winter wonderland by combining peaceful illustrations with soothing lyrical writing.  As children flip through the pages of these magical tales, they are instantly filled with the essence of winter that embraces a sense of tranquility and calmness.  These positive sentiments can directly affect a child’s tolerance for “housebound” moments as well as nourish a healthy mindfulness when slowing down for the season.  Whether your child enjoys reading on their own or with the company of an adult, the Westwood Public Library’s winter collection is stuffed to the brim with terrific stories that are perfect for the whole family.  If you would like to get your own collection started at home, this is a list of titles which librarians give their thumbs-up in approval!


Winter Snuggle Book List

“A Warm Winter” by Feridun Oral

“Winter Wood” by David Spohn

“Into the Snow” by Yuki Kaneko

“Winter is Coming” by Tony Johnston

“Red Sled” by Lita Judge

“Snow Moon” by Nicholas Brunelle

“Big Snow” by Jonathan Bean

"The Snowy Day" by Ezra Keats

"Why is the Snow White?" by Heinz Janisch

"In the Snow: Who's Been Here?" by Lindsay Barrett George

"Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here" by Jean Craighead George

"Is that You, Winter?" by Stephen Gammell

"Look!  Snow!" by Kathryn Galbraith

"North Woods Girl" by Aimee Bissonette