October is National Bullying Prevention Month

I never realized that October was National Bullying Prevention Month until I read a blog post from A Mighty Girl. As a mother of two daughters, I was drawn to this post.  As they have been growing up, one of them has had to deal with bullying to some extent.  Luckily, those instances have been few.  Rather that focusing on the bully, I would always reach for a book that helped to teach them about empathy.

My favorite book to read about empathy is The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.  Even though it came out in 1944, bullying has not changed.  In fact, in many ways it has gotten worse.  What strikes me most about this book is the fact that one of the characters, named Maddie, is not one of the bullies but she never stopped the other girls from being mean to a girl named Wanda.  After Wanda and her family move away, Maddie is never able to apologize to her for not speaking up and telling them to stop.  Every time I read that book, I get a pit in my stomach!  I wanted to guide my girls on how to speak up for someone who is being bullied.  I really wanted them to learn how to be empathetic toward others and never feel that pit in their stomach.

If you want to read more books on Empathy or bullying, check out some of these from our library.


The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes (J Fiction Estes)

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson (J Read-Along Woodson) *Islington Branch Library only

It's Ok to be Different by Todd Parr (Picture Book Parr)

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes (Picture Book Henkes)

Weird! by Erin Frankel (Picture Book Frankel)

Dare! by Erin Frankel (Picture Book Frankel)

Tough! by Erin Frankel (Picture Book Frankel)

Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig (Picture Book Ludwig)

Dealing with Bullies:

The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill (Picture Book O'Neill)

Willow Finds a Way by Lana Button (Picture Book Button)

Bully by Patricia Polacco (J Illustrated Fiction Polacco)