Islington Branch Library

The Town’s General Contractor, Tower Construction, has completed the panelization work on the project, and individual wall sections have been numbered and carefully moved to the New Wentworth Hall site, where they will be stored until they can be reassembled and incorporated within the new structure. The cleared foundation of the Old Wentworth Hall will then be turned over to Petruzziello Properties on November 2nd. Petruzziello Properties will eventually remove the foundation and proceed with redevelopment of that parcel in accordance with the approved plans.

Tower Construction's work on the Wentworth Hall Construction Project is currently projected to take approximately 9 months and Wentworth Hall is expected to be ready for occupancy in July 2021.

Karen Cagan (local photographer and member of the Westwood Public Library staff) has taken several photos of the various stages of the Islington Branch Library; prior, during and post-demolition.  These historic photos will be a part of the "Time Capsule" which will be placed in the new Wentworth Hall / Islington Branch Library.

          Islington Branch - Painting with Fran        Islington Branch Library