History of the Islington Branch

This Victorian Gothic building was first a one room schoolhouse, built on land given by Judge Alonzo Wentworth of Dedham.
The First deposit of 70 books, given by the new Westwood Public Library, was placed here in the Wentworth School for use by Islington students and residents.
The Islington School was built on School Street, and one room in the new school was used as the Islington Branch Library. Wentworth Hall, newly named, began as a community center for meetings, entertainment, and church services.
A small garage for a fire engine was added, along with a rooftop fire bell.
Westwood Town Meeting appropriated funds for the enlargement, painting, and furnishing of Wentworth Hall with an added stage on the main floor and a basement kitchen.
The fire engine garage was vacated for use by the Tree and Recreation Department.
Wentworth Hall became the Islington Branch Library. New shelves and books were added, and the stage was closed off for storage.
As the Branch’s popularity grew the stage was refurbished to become the new children’s area, and two stairways were built for access.
Islington Branch Library completed an extensive interior renovation including a new heating and air conditioning system, lighting, carpeting, a main floor bathroom, and a kitchenette. By removing the stage, adding a handicapped entrance, and making the library all one level, the Islington Branch Library once again has become a multi-functional center, meeting the diverse needs of a changing community.

Researched and prepared by Marion Manly
Painting and calligraphy by Deidre Sullivan
Donated by Nancy Sullivan July 1996