Program Highlights for September

Mark your calendar for some of these upcoming programs.

Sept. 14.  Author Jennifer Lin discusses her book, Shanghai Faithful.  Shanghai Faithful is both a touching family memoir & a chronicle of the astonishing spread of Christianity in China. Five generations of the Lin family—buffeted by history’s crosscurrents and personal strife—bring to life an epoch that is still unfolding. With its sweep of history and the intimacy of long-hidden family stories, Shanghai Faithful offers a fresh look at Christianity in China—past, present, and future.

Sept. 20.   Michael Graff discusses the Essentials of Estate Planning.  The Essentials of Estate Planning is a 90 minute course offering information for those concerned about proper estate planning, reducing estate taxes, and ensuring that their wishes are carried out as desired. This course will help take the confusion out of estate planning and empower you to design a plan to protect you, your loved ones, and assets.  Learn how to define your objectives and prepare your estate plan.  Offered by the American Financial Education Alliance, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  AFEA's mission is to empower people to take control of their finances by providing adult financial education programs in local communities throughout the country.

Sep. 26.  Ted Reinstein discusses his book New England's General Stores.  The general store is as old as America itself.  It conjures a country-like place where kids come in to buy penny candy, and adults to buy everything from fresh vegetables to four-penny nails. It was a place to pick up mail, the newspaper, and perhaps tarry a bit on a chilly morning to chat over a cup of coffee and a warm wood stove.

Sept. 27.  Marjorie Fields discusses her book Lillian Wald : a Biography.  Lillian Wald was known for contributions to human rights and was the founder of American community nursing. She also founded the Henry Street Settlement in NYC and was an early advocate to have nurses in public schools.

Sept. 28.  Mystery Making : How They Do It or Plotting Without a Net with Four Mystery Writers:  Featuring four stellar authors who create mysteries in four different  genres:  thriller, suspense, traditional and cozy will turn suggestions from the audience into stories!  Authors include: Hank Phillippi Ryan; Elisabeth Elo; Sheila Connolly and Clea Simon.

And don't forgot some of the other favorites, book clubs, Great Decisions and story time fun with the children.