Gallery Exhibits

The Main Library has gallery space for art exhibits and to display public notices. 

The Library does not endorse either side of an issue and presents exhibits and displays so that patrons can form their own opinions.

Organizations are allowed to set up cultural and educational displays provided they meet criteria established by the Board of Trustees and depending on the space available.

No notices or similar items can be displayed without permission of the Library or Board of Trustees. Exhibits and displays shall be educational and/or cultural in nature. The Library Director shall determine a display's appropriateness under this policy.

Art exhibits or displays are subject to the limitations of space, facilities, and staff time. The Library staff will provide limited assistance with assembling exhibits by outside groups. Arrangements for assistance must be made in advance.

                                                        ART & EXHIBIT POLICY

The purpose of the library’s exhibition space is to provide artists an opportunity to display their works, and library users the opportunity to view them. The Library encourages exhibitions and displays of paintings, photographs, sculpture and other art works and crafts.The Westwood Public Library may grant permission to an individual or a group to place exhibits in the library gallery area subject to the following conditions established by the Board of Trustees: 

  • Exhibitors are chosen on a first come, first booked basis with preference given to residents of Westwood.
  • Exhibits for commercial purposes are not allowed.
  • Exhibits are accepted at the discretion of the Library Director and the Library Board of Trustees or their designee.
  • The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to decline an exhibit that is considered inappropriate.
  • The library encourages displays or exhibits associated with almost any aspect of community, i.e. historical, cultural, nature and social. 
  • Displays on religious or political subjects are permitted, however proselytizing or recruitment are not allowed.
  • The content should be suitable for patrons of all age groups.
  • The art should not discourage patrons from using the Library for other purposes.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection or security from damage or theft of any material displayed on the library premises. All items exhibited are done so at the owner’s risk. 
  • The decision by the library to permit use of the exhibit space does not in any way endorse or advocate viewpoints  of the exhibit or exhibitors. 
  • The library accepts requests for exhibits on an ongoing basis and maintains a schedule for specific dates for exhibition. Samples of works (in the form of actual works, images of, or other documentation) may be requested before exhibition. 

General Conditions:
Each exhibit will be displayed for one month beginning the first of the month and ending on the last day of the month. Exhibits must be free of charge and open to the public during regular Library hours.


  • The exhibitor is responsible for installing and dismantling the exhibit.
  • Installation will be within the first two days of the month and dismantling will be within the last two days of the month and must be completed during regular library hours.
  • Library staff are not available to assist the exhibitor.
  • Artworks should be framed with wire for hanging, in stable condition and should not require extraordinary procedures or equipment for maintenance or display.
  • No additional hooks, nails, or other fasteners can be attached to the walls of the Library.
  • Nothing may be glued, taped or fastened directly to the walls or building.
  • Exhibitors may reserve the Library's meeting room space for a reception.
  • Use of the Meeting Room requires a separate application and is subject to the guidelines outlined in the Library's Meeting Room policy
  • Online gallery exhibit form to be completed 
  • Any use of floor space adjacent to an exhibit must not compromise or restrict access to other uses of the room. The exhibit must not impede traffic flow in the lobbies, hallways or safety exits.
  • Press releases are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Library staff may not act as agents for any exhibitor.
  • Price lists and contact information can be available with the exhibit.
  • No sales may be conducted on Library property.
  • Invitations and/or flyers are the exhibitor's responsibility.


Presentation of an exhibit does not imply an endorsement of the opinions or viewpoints of the exhibitor by Westwood Public Library or the Town of Westwood.

Neither the Library Board of Trustees nor the Town of Westwood can be held responsible for any damage, loss, disappearance or theft of any artwork, exhibit item or other part of an exhibit.

The Library does not insure any exhibits and all work is displayed at the exhibitor's risk.

All exhibitors must sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for the safety of any items in the exhibit.

Neither the Westwood Public Library nor the Town of Westwood is responsible for any financial damages or bodily harm caused by, or related to the exhibit.

The Library reserves the right to disassemble an exhibit should unforeseen circumstances arise or in the event the artist does not do so by an agreed upon date.

Please fill this form out and return to the Library Director for review and approval. 

Exhibit/Display Application form