Gallery Exhibits

This policy and application is for artists wishing to exhibit their work. 

The Main Library has gallery space for art exhibits and to display public notices. 

The Library does not endorse either side of an issue and presents exhibits and displays so that patrons can form their own opinions.

Organizations are allowed to set up cultural and educational displays provided they meet criteria established by the Board of Trustees and depending on the space available.

No notice or similar item can be displayed without permission of the Library or Board of Trustees. Exhibits and displays shall be educational and/or cultural in nature. The Library Director shall determine a display's appropriateness under this policy.

Art exhibits or displays are subject to the limitations of space, facilities, and staff time. The Library staff will provide limited assistance with assembling exhibits by outside groups. Arrangements for assistance must be made in advance.

Please fill this form out and return to the Library Director for review and approval. 

Exhibit/Display Application form