Friends of the Westwood Public Library

The Friends of the Westwood Library (FOL) is a not-for-profit volunteer fundraising and outreach organization that works to enhance everyone's experience at our public library. Consisting of a dedicated group of volunteers, we are committed to making the library a place where our community can learn and grow together.

October is the month when the Friends of the Westwood Public Library reach out to the community in the form of our Annual Appeal. Over the past year, your generous donations have funded programs that enhance our overall library experiences and build community across Westwood. Please consider donating to the Friends of the Westwood Library. 

Donations via check can be mailed to: 
Friends of the Westwood Library
660 High Street
Westwood, MA 02090
Thank you for your continued support of the library! 

What Do We Do?

The FOL underwrites a variety of library programs including author visits, adult and children's programing, and museum passes, helping the library with needs outside its regular operating budget. 

You can join the FOL with your financial response to our autumn Membership Drive. While the appeal is sent to everyone in Westwood, FOL membership is open to anyone who uses and loves our library!

DONATE: You can make a tax-deductible donation via this link:

If you would like to join the FOL or want more information about any of our many and varied activities, our email address is

FOL  Book Nook

Patrons can purchase a wide variety of books from the FOL Nook in the lobby of the Main Library or the vestibule of the Islington brand library year-round. Simply purchase at the circulation desk. 

FOL BOOK STORE Now open Monthly!

Shop our collection of like-new books and puzzles on the last Saturday of every month in 2024 from 10AM-4PM. Our inventory is updated weekly, which means you never know what gems you'll find on our shelves. Build your personal library, stockpile gifts for the readers in your life, and grab a puzzle for those long winter nights. New in 2024: Gift certificates for the FOL Bookstore are now available! 

Book and Puzzle Donations

The Friends of the Westwood Library currently welcomes for resale, donations of most like-new books. Donations may only be dropped off in the vestibule of the Main Library between 1st-15th of the month. We are also accepting Puzzle donations! Donated puzzles MUST be secured in their original box with a piece of tape at the top and bottom. No damaged or incomplete puzzles please. 

Below is a list of what we do not accept.

  • Textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias
  • Torn, discolored, creased, moldy or warped books
  • Highlighted or annotated books
  • Travel over 3 years (no atlases please)
  • Magazines
  • Music CDS
  • DVD’s, video cassettes'

The FOL has a bin placed behind the Senior Center that accepts books that we can’t resell at the library. Please donate your dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias, and older travel books at this location. 

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