Library Cards and Borrowing

Library Cards

Patrons age five and over may apply for a library card.  Proof of identification and current local address (i.e. a driver’s license) is required in order to receive a card.  (If an applicant is below 7th grade, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application and provide identification.) 

It is possible to register online for a temporary card.  Click here for information and registration.

Your library card provides easy access to museum pass pick-up, speedy checkout with self-check, and efficient and accurate service. Please remember to bring it with you!

Lost Materials

A patron who loses an item must either pay for it or replace it with an unused exact copy.  The Library determines the replacement cost and may replace the lost item with another copy, with a work on the same subject, or not replace the item.  The Library may assess a fee for any lost parts to a set.

A patron who loses a museum pass must pay the museum’s replacement cost or a default price of $25.00.  The Library will work with the museum to determine the cost.

Refunds for Lost Materials

A patron may pay for a lost item at the Library or online.  The Library provides a dated receipt; or the patron must print an online receipt.  If the lost item is found and returned within thirty days, accompanied by the receipt, a refund will be given.

There are no refunds for lost museum passes.

Loan Periods

The chart below is not comprehensive, these are the more frequently circulated items.  Please contact the library with any specific question or concern.

Type of Item Loan Period Renewals Late Fee (per day)
DVDs 1 week 2 $0.50
AudioBooks, CDs 3 weeks 2 $0.10
New Books 2 weeks 2 $0.10
Books 3 weeks 2 $0.10
Magazines 2 weeks 2 $0.10
SPEED READ 1 week 0 $0.25
Museum Passes 24 hours 0 $5.00
Hotspots 2 weeks 2 $5.00
Console Games 2 weeks 0 $0.25