ReadNext! Personalized Reading Selection Service

Its like a book subscription box, but FREE from your public library. 

Welcome to Westwood Public Library's ReadNext! We know you love to get a hand-selected book from our readers' advisors, and this new service makes it easier than ever.

With a few simple steps you will receive a monthly (or quarterly- your choice) ReadNext bag filled with a selection of books just perfect for you. 

  1. Fill out a Readers' Profile Form where you will answer a few simple questions about what you like to read.
  2. We will match you to a Readers Advisor who will choose up to 3 books for you every month.
  3. You will be notified by your Readers Advisor when your gift wrapped ReadNext bag is ready for pick up!

Not just for adults and teens- parents and kids can sign up too! If you are looking for suggestions for your child, or you are a kid in Grades 3-6, ReadNext can help. 

You deserve the gift of reading! ReadNext can be that special treat to yourself

Adults and Teens: Click to sign-up!

Children in Grades 3-6: Click to sign-up!

Questions? Call 781-320-1045 (Adult and YA) or 781-320-1042 (Kids), or email 

  • You can unsubscribe from ReadNext at any time. Just email, or call the Reference Department at 781-320-1045.
  • Your ReadNext Bag can be picked up by the Reserves Shelf on the 1st Floor of the Main Library, under your name. If you would prefer to use an alias, please email
  • We want you to have the best possible reading experience! Please give us feedback on your selections through either the online form or the paper form you will find in your ReadNext Bag each month.
  • We respect your privacy! We will never access your Minuteman Library Network account without your permission. We will not record what items you check out with your library card, but we will keep track of titles suggested to you and information you provide on the feedback form to better inform your personalized picks.

Happy Reading!

Your ReadNext Librarians