June 26, 2018

Conference Room

Jun 26

Tue 10:00 am

Norfolk County of Deeds

The Norfolk Registry of Deeds speaking engagements and office hours are an integral part of its consumer outreach initiative.  The Register and members of his staff will be at the Library on Tuesday, June 26 from 10AM to 12PM. 

It is Register William P. O’Donnell's goal to provide a convenient way for residents to learn more about how the Registry serves them as it conducts business closer to their homes, saving them time and money. 

Although, Registry staff cannot provide legal advice, they will be on hand along with the Register, to answer basic questions, transport documents for recording and assist in the filling out of a Declaration of Homestead form that provides for limited protection against the forced sale of an individual’s primary residence to satisfy unsecured debt up to $500,000. They will also assist a person in signing-up for the new Consumer Notification Program that alerts a homeowner when a transaction has been made against their property to alert them against potential cases of fraud. 

Additionally, there will be on-site work stations that can provide real-time status of your mortgage discharge, print out a copy of your deed and provide a demonstration on how the Registry’s On-Line Land Records Database works.  No appointment is necessary.

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