October 13, 2020

Virtual Event

Oct 13

Tue 7:30 pm

Thirteen Days in October: The Untold Cuban Missile Crisis

The Westwood Historical Society – in collaboration with the Westwood Public Library – will be hosting noted author, Michael Tougias, via Zoom. Michael will talk about the strategic wisdom of John F. Kennedy and the U-2 aerial spy program during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Michael Tougias has conducted extensive research on disasters and historic moments in our history – and authored several books. During this program, Michael chronicles the thirteen harrowing days of the Cuban Missile Crisis and then outlines the steps President Kennedy made to reach a decision on a course of action. The edge-of-your-seat presentation focuses on four incidents during the crisis that “had us a whisker away from nuclear war” and talks about the lessons learned. 

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