Author Talk & Book Signing: Hallie Ephron

Community Room, Westwood Public Library

Oct 23

Wed 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Mystery writer Hallie Ephron’s new novel asks if you can “KonMari” your spouse – Westwood Library October 23, 2019, 7 PM

Join Hallie Ephron, author of Careful What You Wish For, at the Westwood Public Library October 23, 2019, at 7PM. She’ll be talking about her new mystery novel about a professional organizer who’s married to a man who can’t pass a yard sale without stopping. Ephron, who lives in Milton, already had some firsthand experience since, for decades, she’s been happily married to a man who’s wedded to his stuff and spends his Saturday mornings happily yard sale-ing. 

In a starred review, Publisher’s Weekly hailed the novel as “Outstanding… may be the first domestic thriller to weave in Marie Kondo’s decluttering theory about discarding things that don’t spark joy.” Jamie Lee Curtis reviewed it for TIME magazine, calling it “"Thrilling and suspenseful...a modern-day grown-up Nancy Drew."

Books, provided by Haley Booksellers, will be available for purchase and signing. Registration/RSVP is not required to attend, but it helpful for planning purposes. You will not need to print or present a ticket of any kind. This event is generously sponsored by The Friends of the Westwood Public Library, and is free and open to all. 

About the Book 

Careful What You Wish For by Hallie Ephron | Wm. Morrow 

It's no mystery why Marie Kondo offers her millions of followers precious few life-changing tips for decluttering a spouse who doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for the “magic of tiding up.” Husbands cannot be neatly folded and tucked away in a drawer. Or can they? 

After a video of her organizing her sock drawer goes viral, Emily Harlow uses her moment in the spotlight to start Freeze-Frame Clutter Kickers and launch her career as a professional organizer. The catch: she’s married to a man who can’t drive past a yard sale without stopping. 

Like other professionals who make a living decluttering people’s lives, Emily has devised a set of ironclad rules. When working with couples, for example, she makes it clear that each person is only allowed to declutter his or her own stuff. This stipulation has kept Emily’s own marriage together these past few years as her basement, attic, and garage have filled up with her husband’s finds. He says he’s a collector. Emily knows better—he’s a hoarder. And the larger his “collection” becomes, the deeper the distance grows between Emily and the man she married. 

Luckily, Emily’s got two new clients to distract herself: an elderly widow whose husband left behind a storage unit that she didn’t know existed, and a young wife whose husband won’t allow her stuff into their house. But when Emily’s initial meeting with the young wife takes a detour involving too much wine and fantasies of how much more pleasant life would be without their collecting spouses, Emily finds herself in a mess that might be too big for her to clean up in a storage unit that would be a hoarder’s dream. Careful what you wish for, the old adage says. Now Emily might lose her freedom, her marriage…and possibly her life

About the Author

Hallie Ephron is the New York Times bestselling author of Never Tell a Lie, Come and Find Me, There Was an Old Woman, Night Night, Sleep Tight, You’ll Never Know, Dear, and Careful What You Wish For.  Daughter of Hollywood screenwriters and the third of four writing Ephron sisters, she is a five-time finalist for the Mary Higgins Clark Award, as well as for the Anthony and Edgar Awards. She writes what she calls “women’s fiction with a twist of suspense. Creepy but never icky. I try to write books with situations that seem utterly believable. Yes, this could happen to me, I want the reader to think. And shudder.” (