Online Raja Yoga Meditation Series with Soni

Virtual Event

Jun 3

Wed 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join Soni as she leads us through Raja Yoga. This is a three-part Raja Yoga series. Please ensure you can attend all three as they build on each other. For adults ages18 years and older.

Inner Peace (June 3)
We are living in challenging times that can create increased levels of stress, anxiety and worry. Meditation is a tool that can be used to manage these conditions and allow you to experience inner peace. The Raja Yoga knowledge of the workings of our mind, allow us to understand our thinking patterns and use techniques to shift away from deep rooted negative thinking to positive thinking.

Inner Power (June 10)
The current times require us to navigate new ways of living our new normal. By understanding the Raja Yoga knowledge of our inner powers, we can learn to emerge our 8 powers to increase inner capacity, strengthen resilience and flex with the chaining times.

Karma Philosophy (June 17)
The Raja Yoga karma philosophy brings forward a different perspective on why our lives go a certain way and how our destiny gets created. The deeper understanding of karma will provide an explanation to the current world condition, as well consequences upon nature due to our actions.

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