Thirteen Days in October: The Untold Cuban Missile Crisis

Virtual Event

Oct 13

Tue 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Westwood Historical Society – in collaboration with the Westwood Public Library – will be hosting noted author, Michael Tougias, via Zoom. Michael will talk about the strategic wisdom of John F. Kennedy and the U-2 aerial spy program during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Michael Tougias has conducted extensive research on disasters and historic moments in our history – and authored several books. During this program, Michael chronicles the thirteen harrowing days of the Cuban Missile Crisis and then outlines the steps President Kennedy made to reach a decision on a course of action. The edge-of-your-seat presentation focuses on four incidents during the crisis that “had us a whisker away from nuclear war” and talks about the lessons learned. 

Special emphasis is given to the heroes of the crisis: the U-2 pilots who flew unarmed over Cuba to secure the photographic proof that the Soviets were installing nuclear missiles on the island. These pilots helped President Kennedy achieve a difficult objective: have the nuclear missiles removed from Cuba without triggering Armageddon. JFK secretly audio recorded every meeting conducted during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These transcripts, as well as recently declassified CIA documents, support and inform Tougias’ presentation.