January 2020 / Presentation/Lecture

Community Room

Jan 22

Wed 7:00 pm

Bicycling Alone Across the U.S. at Age 70

Join John Springfield as he takes you on a 2900-mile bicycle trip from the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia to the Pacific Ocean in California in early 2019.  We will dodge tornadoes in Alabama, endure temperatures from 32 to 99 degrees, climb mountains, and ford streams.  Learn about the 900-mile desert in the southwest where food and water is lacking.  Run into cowboys in a small West Texas Café.  All this and more, alone, at a young age of 70. John, a retired computer programmer and former instructor at Boston College's Evening School, has been bicycle touring since 1964, cycling in all 48 lower states and several Canadian provinces. Come hear his amazing story! All are welcome!

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