FOL Book Donations Update

The Friends of the Westwood Library welcomes donations of like-new books. Donations may only be dropped off in the vestibule of the Main Library between 1st-15th of the month. We are also accepting Puzzle donations! Donated puzzles MUST be secured in their original box with a piece of tape at the top and bottom. No damaged or incomplete puzzles please. 

Below is a list of what we do not accept.

Textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias
Torn, discolored, creased, moldy or warped books
Highlighted or annotated books
Travel over 3 years (no atlases please)
Music CDS
DVD’s, video cassettes'

The FOL has a book bin placed behind the Westwood Senior Center that accepts books that we can’t resell at the library. Please donate your dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias, and older travel books at this location.