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Online Resources

Teen Databases

American Government

American Government  explains the foundations of our government, connects these concepts to the issues of the day, and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the political and economic systems of the United States by comparing them to those of other countries.

It provides more than 13,000 primary and secondary sources, including 1,200 documents, 4,000 images, 250 maps, and 250 audio/video recordings.

Boston Globe

This database includes full-text of the Boston Globe from January 1, 1980 to the present.

Britannica Online Library Edition

Britannica Online Library Edition includes 4 full encyclopedias, the Encyclopædia Britannica, Compton's by Britannica, Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia, and Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.  It also contains full-text magazine articles, Web sites that have been reviewed and verified by Britannica editors, a homework help section, a world atlas, Merriam-Webster dictionaries and thesauri, a Spanish-English dictionary, and video and audio content.

Britannica Online School Edition

Elementary, Middle and High School levels, plus read-aloud at all levels and translation for over 50 languages. Britannica Online School Edition gives students instant access to four complete encyclopedias.

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher offers in-depth coverage of political and social issues, with regular full text reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the U.S. economy.

Digital Media Catalog (OverDrive)

The Digital Media Catalog (OverDrive) provides popular audiobooks and eBooks to download.

Gale in Context:

  • Biography
    • Gale in Context: Biography has information on the world's most influential people. You can search for people based on name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender as well as keyword and full text.
  • Science
    • Science in Context provides topic overviews, experiments, biographies, and illustrations. It also has articles from over 200 magazines and academic journals and links to quality web sites.
  • U.S. History
    • U.S. History in Context  provides information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in U.S. History. There are full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized in a user-friendly way.
  • World History
    • World History in Context gives information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History. It provides full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized.

Gale OneFile 

Gale OneFile is a great source for news and periodical articles. OneFile contains over 5,000 full-text periodical titles, and more than 9,200 titles in all, on a wide range of topics.

Gale OneFile: High School Edition

A database for high school students, with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

Gale OneFile: Middle School Edition

Made specifically for middle schoolers, this resource combines reference content with age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and much more.

Historical Boston Globe 1872-1979 

The Historical Boston Globe is a full-image archive with complete coverage from 1872-1927. Every issue includes the complete paper with full-page and article images in downloadable PDF.

The New York Times 

This database includes full-text of the New York Times from January 1, 1985 to the present.

RMV Driving Tests

RMV practice tests and study materials for car, motorcycle and CDL (commercial driver’s license) drivers permits. 

State Geography 

State Geography covers the people and history of all 50 states with lots of research resources, including recordings of gubernatorial speeches, archived news reports, election data, and topographical maps.

World Book Online

World Book Online is a reliable, authoritative, easy-to-understand information source. It contains all of the articles from the print version of the encyclopedia, in both English and Spanish.  It also provides access to five hundred maps available in the World Book Atlas, and to 248,000 definitions available in the World Book Dictionary.  In addition to these sources, World Book Online contains links to current web sites and magazine articles, and features a continuously updated current news section.

World Geography

World Geography provides nearly 200 overviews of countries around the world, with a portrait of each nation's location and people, recent political history, and economy.

World History: The Modern Era

World History: The Modern Era covers a broad range of topics in depth - the evolution of modern Europe since the Renaissance; developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation.